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Windshield Cover For Snow - Winter Windshield Cover

Windshield Cover For Snow - Winter Windshield Cover

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Protect Your Vehicle From The Winter Weather With This Amazing Windshield Cover For Snow

The windshield snow cover that gives full protection to your vehicle windscreen, wipers from snow, frost, and ice. saves time, saves effort, and no more spraying and scrapping of your car windshield on a freezing day.

windshield snow cover

The windshield frost cover comes with pieces of magnets which makes it stable, anti-slip and does not scratch when placed on the vehicle.

Windshield frost cover with 4 Level/layers Protection, the PE aluminum film + needle cotton + silk cotton + non-woven new material, ultra-thick material, double-sided aluminum coating, temperature resistant, tear resistant, durable.

windshield snow cover

This is an all weather car cover. It's applicable in all the four seasons, windshield snow cover not only keeps the windscreen free from ice and snow in winter, but also effective in blocking the UV and sun heating in summer. It can also be used as a protective shield, against dust in everyday life.

Item Type: Windshield Cover For Snow
Placement: Outside the windshield
Multipurpose: Snow Cover, Car Cover, Car Sunshade
Material Type: Aluminum foil
Width: 120cm
Weight: 0.5kg
Length: 145cm

Package: 1pc/order

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