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Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector Cover

Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector Cover

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Don’t wait till you add up to over 334 Million people in the world are suffering from daily Allergies and Asthma, and if you’re already part, take action today and prevent further damage, get our waterproof mattress protector which is the best Breathable Hypoallergenic Protection. Allergies and asthma are mainly caused by dust mites, pollen, bacteria and other allergens which can be found almost in every bedroom creating serious health issues.

Protect yourself and your family against allergens, bed bugs, and dust mites with our our breathable Hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector 

  • WATERPROOF MATTRESS PROTECTOR : This waterproof mattress protector repels all types of liquids Including fluids, perspiration, bedwetting and stains on all the sides of the mattress.
  • BREATHABLE HYPOALLERGENIC : Our waterproof mattress cover protects against dust mites, allergens, bacteria. perfect for those suffering from asthma or eczema, the breathable Membrane of the waterproof mattress cover allows air to circulate and yet repels Liquids.
  • BED BUG PROOF: This mattress protector comes with a fine invisible zipper with a secure Velcro flap which help your mattress to be fully protected against bed bugs. It Is washable, durable and easy To clean-machine wash and low tumble dry.
  • COMFORT SURFACE : Our waterproof mattress protector is designed from a soft cotton surface that won't change the feel of your mattress, It Is noiseless, free from vinyl, PVC, will fit all mattress depths 
  • QUIET : Our waterproof mattress cover does not crinkling under your sheets, specifically soundless design won’t keep you up when you’re trying to sleep, and is thin enough so as to not affect the feel or comfort of your mattress. It’s better sleep and peace of mind, all in one!

  • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES : Our waterproof mattress cover  is perfect choice for those who have kids, animals, elderly people, allergies, asthma and incontinence completely machine washable.

Grade: Grade A
Material: 100% Polyester
Feature: Waterproof, Anti-Bacteria, Air-Permeable, Anti-Pull, Anti Dust Mite
Applicable: Hospital, Home, Hotel, Hostels 

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