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Outdoor Misting/Fog System Kit

Outdoor Misting/Fog System Kit

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The outdoor misting/fog system is  the perfect solution for both business and homeowners, high pressure misting system help to provide superior outdoor comfort and instantly enhance any surrounding environment. The key to installing an effective misting system is the type of system you choose and the design expertise of your misting supplier.

High pressure misting System systems from us are designed with your business and home  in mind. All our products are designed to meet the exact need for your utmost mist cooling system. 

Why you Should Consider buying our DIY Misting Cooling System

  • ENJOY THE SUMMER OUTDOORS: The outdoor misting system uses tap water directly without consuming electricity, you don't need a booster pump for our mist cooling system  which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, providing a cool and clean environment.
outdoor midst system
  • LIGHT& MIST: The quality of the outdoor misting system determine the quality of the final result that is why our High-quality nozzles produce a very light and extremely thin water mist that controls the temperature of the surrounding environment and allows the surrounding temperature to drop.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The DIY misting system Package including some rolling strips, which is simple and practical to use. You only need to tie the cable in the right place to install the cooling system.
  • MULTIPLE USES: This outdoor misting system can be used for beach, garden, barbecue, balcony, pavilion, etc. It can also be used for garden watering.
  • ENERGY ZERO CONSUMPTION: Just connect with your tap water, the misting cooling system automatically sprays and cools you down, no electricity consumption, no energy consumption, save more money for you, and be an environmentalist.
  • SIMPLE & EFFICIENT: The art of cooling in summer can reduce the temperature without consuming resources. The theory is simple but efficient.


  • Energy saving and environmental protection
  • Cooling Summer
  • UV resistance
  • Yellowing resistance
  • hydrolysis resistance


  1. Cooling Humidification, Home use for garden sprinklers
  2. Gardens, trampoline water parks
  3. Landscaping, greenhouses
  4. Humidification, outdoor cooling systems
  5. Spray disinfection, deodorizing air purification
  6. Spray for farm chemical pesticide

Nozzle: Brass body with copper faucet connector
Nozzle connector: Slip lock connector
Power supply: tap water

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