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Photo Clip String Lights

Photo Clip String Lights

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Add some personal flair to your home with this photo clip string lights, The photo clip string lights helps you to hand and illuminate your treasure moment that is in picture, not only the photo clip string lights perfect for photo clipping it's also perfect for Christmas decoration ideas.

  • CHRISTMAS GIFT CHOICE : Are you still thinking about the choice of Christmas gift choice for your loves ones consider this photo clip string lights
Photo Clip String Lights
  • RECORD YOUR MEMORY ROMANTICALLY : The Photo Clip String Lights is not just a showcase of pictures or artworks, but also a perfect way to recall your unforgettable and wonderful memory with this Photo Clip String Lights.
Photo Clip
  • WIDE VARIATION OF USE : The Photo Clip String Lights are ideal for hanging photos, holiday cards, children's artwork, or whatever lightweight crafty/decorative items you desire. This makes the photo clip holder a great decoration for any type of situation you have in hand such as a birthday party, wedding Christmas parties or anything you want to make classy. The lights of the photo clip holder give its touch that makes everything else as the background but in such a good way.


Photo Clip
  • YOUR PERFECT DECORATING LIGHT :  apart from being a Photo Clip String Lights it's also perfect for garden fairy lights helps decorate your garden, porch, living room,bedroom, even the party with the string light to add a beautiful glow to your life. Beyond in house decoration, it can be used in special occasion like Valentine's Day, banquet, propose, wedding displaying your photo.
Photo Clip
  1. The 2M Photo Clip String Lights has 12pcs Clear Photo Clip  with 20 Warm White bulbs 
  2. The 5M Photo Clip String Lights has 30pcs Clear Photo Clip with 50 Warm White bulbs
  3. The 10M Photo Clip String Lights has 50pcs Clear Photo Clip with 100 Warm White bulbs.

Item Type : Christmas
Battery Type : AA
Length : 6.5inch
Occasion : Bedroom
Light Source : LED Bulbs
Lighting Distance : 6-10m
Head Number : 20-50 head
Power Source : DC
Warranty : 3year
Color : White,yellow,Red,purple,Green,Blue,MULTI,Pink,Warm

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