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Magnetic Levitating Globe

Magnetic Levitating Globe

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levitating globe
THE WHOLE WORLD IN YOUR KIDS HAND: The levitating earth globe offers the best way to teach your child geography, since it clearly marks all regional, international, and continental borders. When the room darkens, the night sky will be revealed and along with it the brightest stars in the heavens.
levitating globe

HIGH TECH : The magnetic levitating floating globe base contains a microprocessor and an electronic control unit for the earth of the sphere, and the magnet on the earth contains an electromagnet and a magnetic field sensor. Once you let the earth float, Just blow it gently and it will spin.

COOL DECORATION : The magnetic levitating floating globe is a cool decoration provides a nice display unit for your retail stores, offices and homes. It's an awesome high-tech gadget that will love it all ages. It is also a great gift that will surprise your guests and friends.

magnetic levitation floating globe

EXHIBITION AND DISPLAY: The magnetic levitation floating globe map is Widely used in advertising display, children learning and education, teaching novelty toys, home / office / desktop decoration, business gifts, art and technology GIF, creative birthday gifts, Christmas gifts

magnetic levitation floating globe

DESIGN: C shape (H * W): 6.81 inches x 7.09 inches, There are three colors of the optional globe, blue, black, gold, with colorful LED lights, so that the globe looks more beautiful at night.

CREATE A GOOD ATMOSPHERE :  When you work, chat, talk about cooperation, give you nice feeling .

Theme: Patriotism
Magnetic Levitation Floating
Globe World Map
LED Floating Tellurium

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