large decorative wall clocks
large decorative wall clocks
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wall clock décor
large mirror clock
large mirror clock
large mirrored wall clock
large mirrored wall clock
living room wall clock
living room wall clock

Large Decorative Wall Clocks, Unique Wall Clocks

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A Unique Decorative Wall Clock For Living Room Décor

For the lovers of the Do It Yourself project, creating and designing your wall with this DIY wall clock is a perfect task. DIY and create your individual distinctive wall clock and provide your living room with a classical distinctive trendy luxurious look that can undoubtedly wow all of your visitors.

living room wall clock

It is a trendy wall clock, with a contemporary design, because it’s not just for telling time; however, an ideal answer on your Living Room plain wall with no decoration. When you've been considering what to place on the plain wall in your living room, this Decorative wall clock is an ideal answer.

living room wall clock

The numbers of the large mirror clock are self-adhesive, and also comes with an auxiliary scale ruler, with a setup guide on your reference. This makes it really easy to assemble and benefits from the DIY fun of constructing your decorative wall clocks in your living room.

living room wall clock

The decorative wall clocks are perfect for adorning your lounge, dwelling rooms, even bedrooms, eating places, places of work, lodge rooms, hearth décor. The decorative wall clocks include a beautiful packaging, excellent for vacation reward, housewarming reward for household and pals.

living room wall clock

How to install your large decorative wall clocks
STEP 1 : Fasten the clock movement on the wall
STEP 2 : Remove the protection film from the mirror and stick it on the EVA number.
STEP 3 : Place the auxiliary scale (Included) on clock movement.
STEP 4 : Stick the numbers at the right site according to the scale. 
STEP 5 : Take down the clock movement and fix the hour hand, then minute hand.
STEP 6 : Adjust the time by button on the clock movement and install the battery.
STEP 7 : Hang the clock movement back to the wall.
STEP 8 : Well done! LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL your art-work looks.

living room wall clock

1x Clock stickers
1x Clock mechanism
1x Auxiliary Scale
1 x Manual

Clock material : Metal
Hour hand : 31.5cm /12.4"
Minute hand : 39cm / 15.3"
Clock machine : 10cm/ 3.9"
Number Size : 16cm
Shape : circular
Diameter : 100cm
Length : 1000mm
Color : mirror silver. mirror black. mirror gold

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