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Intelligent Solar Double Pump Drip Irrigation System

Intelligent Solar Double Pump Drip Irrigation System

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Automate Your Garden Watering with Intelligent Solar Double Pump Irrigation.

Elevate your gardening experience with our Intelligent Solar Double Pump Drip Irrigation System. This innovative device combines the power of solar energy and intelligent automation to provide effortless watering for your garden and potted plants.

drip irrigation kit

Say goodbye to manual watering and hello to precise irrigation. The automatic garden irrigation system ensures consistent water flow to your plants, promoting their health and vitality. With the integrated timer, you can easily set watering schedules tailored to your plants' specific needs, allowing them to thrive without the hassle of constant monitoring.
The smart irrigation system harness the power of solar energy to sustainably water your plants. The solar panel efficiently charges the system, eliminating the need for batteries or electricity. Embrace eco-friendly gardening while enjoying the convenience of automatic watering.
What oher way to simplify your gardening routine than getting our drip irrigation kit. Experience the joy of lush, vibrant plants without the stress of watering. Upgrade your garden today!


Name: solar watering device
Charging method: USB, solar panel
Flow: 850ma
Weight: 235g
Host power: 3W
Product suction lift: 2m
Interface diameter: 4mm
Head: 2.5m
Size: 11.5*8.5*5cm
Water pressure: 2-2.5kg
Applicable scene: home garden, balcony, green plants and other watering and irrigation occasions


  • Two kinds of charging can be switched at will, built-in lithium battery, mobile phone charger solar panel can be charged or long-term power supply
  • Double pumps can be independently timed, allowing different plants to have different watering frequencies and amounts
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