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Instant Pot Air Fryer Accessories | Best Air Deep Fryer

Instant Pot Air Fryer Accessories | Best Air Deep Fryer

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13Pcs Air Fryer Accessories 9 Inch Fit for Air fryer 5.2-6. 8QT Baking Basket Pizza Plate Grill Pot Kitchen Cooking Tool for Party

Accessories For Air Fryer

The air fryer accessories is a perfect accessory that includes all you will need to cook using your air fryer without costing you more of your time and money to get each of this piece individually, and will leave a lasting impression on your cooking experience.

The air fryer accessories are made of Food Grade Material, with no BPA, completely safe and healthy. Without any worries about any hazardous chemicals. Enjoy your healthy cooking time.

Enjoy each bit of your cooking with this air fryer accessories, with speed with which you get your food done, the health benefits, and the versatility. If you really love cooking, you should definitely go for these accessories.

This is a 13pieces air fryer accessories which includes items such as pizza pan, cake pan, silicone mat, multi-purpose grill rack (Skewers) metal stand, toast rack, cake pan, food pliers, silicone brush, Dish plate clip. Offering the best selection of cooking accessories, to enjoy the convenience, healthy and the versatility.

Accessories For Air Fryer

Cake Barrel will enable you to make all your favorite baked goods, from delicious deep cakes to desserts, breads, gratins, quiches and more. You can do it quickly and efficiently in the Power Air Fryer without needing to switch on your oven!

With the pizza pan, you can easily make your favorite pizza, pancakes, eggs and even giant cookies, in an easy, quick, healthier way. If you're like many home chefs, you no doubt love our air fryer accessories.

Accessories For Air Fryer

The muffin cup is not only great for making muffins and cupcakes, but also molded gelatins, individual cheesecakes, single-serving brownies, and other delicious desserts and treats.

The air fryer accessories are dishwasher Safe and please kindly note that the Cake Barrel and Pizza Pan are coated with Teflon non-stick coating, please do not use rough cloth or metals sponge vigorously to rub for protecting anti-stick coating.

Product Type : Deep Fryer Accessories
Model Number: 13 IN 1 9"Air Fryer Accessories
Type: Electric Deep Fryer Parts
Category Type : Home & Garden > Kitchen & Dining > Kitchen Appliance Accessories > Deep Fryer Accessories
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