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Geometric Floating Shelves | Wall Mounted Shelves

Geometric Floating Shelves | Wall Mounted Shelves

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The Geometric floating shelves make a great addition to any office or living room, it gives your room the touch of the Nordic style with these floating Shelves which are solidly built, with enough space to fill with your treasured item

geometric shelves


  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL : The geometric floating shelves is made of high-quality iron and environmentally friendly paint, with a very high-temperature electrostatic baking process, the hexagon shelves are very durable, load-bearing and stable, rich in quality. The touch of the Nordic simple geometric design geometric shelves, increase the layering of the wall, creating more space.
geometric shelves
  • WIDER APPLICATION : The wall mounted floating shelves can be use to display your treasured flower, bookshelf, decorative wine rack, etc., the hexagon shelves can be used for a wide range of purposes, not only to place living items, but also to play a decorative role.
geometric shelves
  •  CREATING MORE SPACE : The wall mounted rack floating shelves can make good use of space and increase the metal feel of the home.
  • Get The floating shelves for your room or office today and give yourself the taste of luxury style of living.
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