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Best Blood Glucose Meter, Diabetes Testing Kits With Glucosemeter Strips

Best Blood Glucose Meter, Diabetes Testing Kits With Glucosemeter Strips

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best diabetes test kit

Diabetes testing kit with excellent accuracy: This blood glucose meter are develop with the latest biosensor technology, the blood glucose monitoring system was tested with high accuracy to the standard required by the FDA

best diabetes test kit

The Best Blood Glucose Meter: The diabetes testing kit is capable of monitoring your body blood glucose level anytime with pre/before meal and post/after meal mode testing, and the testing result helps you to monitor and manage your diabetes without complications

This is the most accurate blood glucose meter which is users friendly interface and easy to use design, little or no pain and there are different pins to suit the thickness of your skin, result display in bold displays easy to read for elders, portable and easy to carry

best diabetes test kit

The blood glucose meter is the most economical and affordable blood glucose meter, which comes with 1 glucose meter, 1 lancing device, 50 sterile lancets, 50 blood glucose test strips and 1 storage box + additional 10 strips and 10 lancets as a gift.

How To Use

best diabetes test kit
  • The blood glucose meter is easy to operate, allowing you to easily measure blood sugar.
  • After the meter counts down from 8 to 1,the test result shows up,Automatic shut off in 3 minutes.
  • Specific nine electrode pin design,bi-direction blood sampling,the test paper is designed with super long handle, safe and convenient,Bi-directional blood sucking Design of anti HCT interference to ensure accuracy.
  • Ultra wide application of temperature,use of various environments.
  • The blood glucose meter can mark the blood sugar level before and after meals, and scientifically and effectively control the changes of blood sugar.

Material: Medical PVC
Size: Medical Blood Glucose Tester
Model Number: GLM-76
Blood volume: 1ul
Test time: 8s
Test range: 1.1-33.3mmol/L
Without Bar Code: Automatic calibration
Storage memory: 180 test results
battery model: CR2032 (not included)

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