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Best Yoga Accessory For Yoga Beginners And Professionals

Best Yoga Accessory For Yoga Beginners And Professionals

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The Essential Yoga Equipment To Enjoy Your Yoga Exercise

Yoga practices basically focus on soft exercise which frequently requires sitting on a yoga mat to successfully achieve this. This makes it very important to get one of the best exercise mat That will be suitable for your yoga practice.

natural rubber yoga mat

The extra large TPE exercise mat for yoga, workout and fitness. The large yoga mat gives enough room for moving, sprawling out and plank postures. Made from a unique TPE material. The workout mats come out to be soft, supportive, slip resistant and secure.

natural rubber yoga mat

This is the best yoga mat that will help to perfect your balancing between steady and cushioning on various floors, as well as providing you a safe grip for dry and wet touch. Odor resistant and quick-dry lightweight make it easy to carry on.

natural rubber yoga mat

The yoga exercise ball is designed to meet everyone's needs, perfect for men or women, beginners and professionals. This helps to stretch the limits of your physical fitness by adding stability exercise into your workout exercise routine on rehabilitation and as well helps to develop the core muscles for abdomen fall prevention. Perfect for Pilates, yoga, gym exercises, back and abdominal training and gymnastics.

yoga ball

The Yoga beginners kits which is a 5 pieces yoga suits, Yoga Magic Circle, 38x3.5cm/14.9x1.3", indispensable tools for Pilates which can help you increase the intensity of floor exercise, yoga ball, a yoga belt, and yoga straps which is 1 1/2" wide x 96" long, this provides great assistance for you to hold the poses longer with comfort.

yoga ball

Yoga blocks set are sets of yoga accessories suitable for yoga beginners and professionals to slowly help improve a beginner coordination and stability of the body

Please Kindly Note All Items Are Sold Individually

The surface of the yoga mat is super soft suede material, with no fear if slipping when sweating as the more sweat on the hands and feet, the better the grip of the mat. The flip side of the yoga mat is a biodegradable natural rubber.  and please note that  natural rubbers have a light rubbery scent and no irritating odor.

The mat can easily be clean and machine washable.

The 5 pieces suits includes:
Yoga Magic Circle
yoga ball
Stretching strap
Yoga Belt
Small yoga ring

Yoga Mat Package Includes:
Yoga Mat
Yoga Straps
Yoga Bag

Material: Natural Rubber
product category: yoga mat

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