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Best Latex Massage Memory Foam | Backrest Contour Pillow

Best Latex Massage Memory Foam | Backrest Contour Pillow

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Your Natural Latex Massage Pillow To Relief you of Stress

This memory foam pillow is made from an exclusive natural and hypoallergenic pressure relaxation latex foam. This revolutionary backrest pillow offers you a correct orthopedic support for your neck, shoulders, and spine. 

latex pillow neck pillow


Let your sleeping habit be improved with our best pillows for sleeping which can  help reduce the pressure on the pillow's head, neck and back, create a relaxing sleeping environment and bring deep sleep

latex pillow neck pillow

Side sleeper neck support cervical bed pillow with hypoallergenic, with the orthopedic contoured design, the memory foam pillows are made from high quality memory foam and are meant to last for years to come. best for use at home, office or while traveling.

Side sleeper pillow with a thermostatic design,the latex pillow is scientific and environmental friendly with the ability to sense the temperature and never goes hard in cold weather.

Material: Latex Memory foam
Pillow: 90% natural latex
inner pillowcase: 100% polyester(mesh cloth)
Color: White
Feature: Eco-Friendly


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