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Baby Diapers - Reusable Washable Diapers

Baby Diapers - Reusable Washable Diapers

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Let Your Baby Live In Fashion With Our Amazing Washable Reusable Baby Diapers 8 Pack + 8 Bamboo Inserts

Provide your baby with stylish and absorbent cloth diapers that offer both breathability and strong absorbency. Our reusable diapers are made with high-quality polyester and waterproof PUL fabric, ensuring that they are durable and can withstand machine washing.

washable diapers

Our cloth diapers feature microfiber inserts that are soft and comfortable against your baby's skin, keeping them dry and rash-free.

You'll love the premium quality of our diapers, and with at least 50 different designs for both boys and girls, you're sure to find one that suits your taste.

washable diapers

Our cloth diapers are less expensive than disposable diapers and can be used for several years, saving you over $1000 per child. Additionally, our diapers are free of harmful chemicals like dioxins, sodium polyacrylate, BPA, phthalates, latex, and lead, making them a safe and healthy option for your baby.

washable diapers

Each diaper comes with a 3-layer microfiber insert that measures approximately 13.7" x 5.5". Before using, make sure to wash the diapers separately in cool water with a little salt added.

Our cloth diapers are a stylish, affordable, and environmentally friendly option for parents who want the best for their babies.

washable diapers


It may take several washes for the inserts to reach full absorbency, so be sure to wash them at least six times before using.

Item Type: Reusable Washable Diapers

Suitable weight: 3-15 kg

Material: polyester

Inner: suede cloth

Gender: Unisex

Age Range: 0-6m,7-12m,13-24m,25-36m

Outer Fabric: Waterproof&Breathable PUL

Closure: snap

Opening: To put the extra insert more easily

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