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Automatic Drip Irrigation Watering Bag - 3L/3.5L/5L

Automatic Drip Irrigation Watering Bag - 3L/3.5L/5L

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Customizable Watering Solutions for Thriving Indoor Plants.

Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit

Simplify Plant Care with Automatic Drip Irrigation

Revolutionize your indoor gardening with our Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit. This all-in-one solution features a Self-Watering Planter Insert Spike and a versatile Watering Bag in three sizes (3L, 3.5L, and 5L). Experience the ultimate convenience of providing your indoor plants with the perfect amount of water they need for optimal growth and vitality.

Tailored Watering for Healthier Indoor Greenery to achieve tailored watering for your plants' unique requirements with our Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit. Whether you have small pots or larger indoor greenery, our kit comes in multiple sizes to suit various plant sizes and watering needs.
Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit
The included Watering Bag simplifies the process further. Just fill it, adjust the flow rate, and let the drip irrigation system do the work. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your plants are receiving consistent hydration without constant monitoring.

Healthier, Vibrant Plants with Minimal Effort

Promote Plant Health with Ease Elevate your plant care routine and enjoy healthier, vibrant plants effortlessly. Our Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit ensures consistent moisture supply to plant roots, enhancing nutrient absorption and fostering robust growth.
Even when you're away or occupied, rest assured that your plants are well-nourished. Our kit provides automatic watering, granting you freedom while maintaining the well-being of your indoor greenery.


Type: Automatic drip irrigation bag
Material: Plastic
Features: Adjustable automatic watering
Capacity: 3L/3.5L/5L optional
Application scenarios: Plant watering
Color:As pictures shows

Package included:

1Pc x Automatic drip irrigation bag
(3L/3.5L/6L optional, and 6L has 3 options: 1 out 1pc arrow, 1 out 2pcs arrows, 1 out 3pcs arrows)

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