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8-Piece Adjustable Washable Cloth Diaper Set for Babies

8-Piece Adjustable Washable Cloth Diaper Set for Babies

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Discover Eco-Friendly Comfort with our 8-Piece Reusable Baby Diaper Set.

Provide all-day comfort to your baby with our 8-Piece Adjustable Washable Cloth Diaper Set. Our diapers are thoughtfully crafted to ensure a gentle and snug fit, keeping your little one content throughout the day.

Eco-Friendly & Cost-Effective Diapering

Make an eco-conscious choice with our sustainable cloth diapers. Bid farewell to single-use diapers, embrace sustainability, and watch your savings grow. Our durable design is built to last, minimizing waste while saving you money in the long run.

Stress-Free Diaper Changes & Easy Maintenance

Experience the convenience of effortless diaper changes. Our adjustable diapers cater to babies of all sizes, making cleaning a breeze. Simply toss them in the wash, and they're ready to use again, simplifying your life.

Why Choose Our Reusable Baby Diapers?

  • Leak-Proof Confidence: Our cloth diapers offer superior leak protection, ensuring a worry-free experience for both you and your baby.
  • Savings That Add Up: Say goodbye to endless diaper runs to the store. Our reusable diapers are not only cost-effective but also reduce the environmental impact.
  • Adjustable Fit: Designed for babies of all sizes, our diapers grow with your child, eliminating the need to purchase new ones as they grow.
  • Skin-Friendly Comfort: Made from gentle, hypoallergenic materials, our diapers keep your baby's delicate skin free from irritation.
  • Eco-Warrior Approved: Contribute to a greener future by reducing disposable diaper waste. Every diaper change becomes a small step towards a cleaner planet.
  • Simple Cleanup: No more wrestling with complicated diaper changes. Our diapers are easy to clean, saving you time and effort.
  • Happy, Contented Babies: With all-day comfort and dryness, your baby will stay content, and you'll enjoy peace of mind.

Upgrade your diapering routine with our 8-Piece Reusable Baby Diaper Set, and experience the difference firsthand.


  • Size: For babies weighing 3 - 15 kg
  • Dimensions of insert: 35cm in length (13.77``) X 13.5cm in width (5.31``)
  • Wash temperature: Under 40°C. (Less than 86 °F)
  • One size design: S.M.L all in one size. (Please adjust the button according to the body size of baby)


4pcs cloth diaper+4pcs insert


Item Type: 4 diapers+ 4 inserts

Material: Outer : Waterproof Printed PUL/TPU, Inner: Soft Suede Cloth Inner

Insert: 3 layers microfiber

Gender: Unisex

Age Range: 0-6m,7-12m,13-24m

How many diapers do you need?

  • Newborn to 4 months -- 20~30 diapers
  • Infant (4 to 10 months) -- 20~25 diapers
  • Toddler (over 10 months) -- 15~20 diapers
  • It depends on how often you do laundry.
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