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Carpet Sweeper - Carpet Cleaning Brush

Carpet Sweeper - Carpet Cleaning Brush

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Best Electrostatics Carpet Cleaning Brush For All Types of Floor

If you've ever use the traditional broom  and dustpan, you'll understand how difficult and backbreaking it is compared to this carpet sweeper.
Carpet Cleaning Brush
Our Hurricane Spin Broom uses triple brush technology to pick up messes at a single operation.

The Spin Broom one-touch large bin capacity empties in seconds & you never touch the mess.
Carpet Broom, Floor Sweeper
Some calls it Shark sweeper others refer to it as hurricane spin broom we call it best hardwood/carpet sweeper has a multifunctional capacity to cleans wet and dry messes – from wet noodles to coffee grounds.
Carpet Broom, Floor Sweeper
  • Premium ABS and stainless steel material for durable use and comfortable grip.
  • Multi-Functional 3-in-1 hurricane spin sweeper which includes broom, dustpan and trash bin. Just push it forward, it can automatically collect the trash into the garbage bin. Easy and convenient to use.
  • 360-degree rotation brushes, clean away dust, hair and other garbage throughout every corner even some dead ends of the home effortlessly.
  • Environmental protection material: 100% new condition Eco-friendly material, high quality .
  • Best Price: Buy the best products with the least amount of money, super cost-effective.
  • Note: Please allow minor deviation due to manual measurement.

Broom Head Material: Fiber
Broomstick Material: Aluminum
Type: Hand Brush and Dustpan
Dustpan Material: PLASTIC
Type: Hand Brush and Dustpan

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