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Hydro Pressure Block Sewer Drain Cleaner

Hydro Pressure Block Sewer Drain Cleaner

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Cleaning and clearing your blocked Sewer at home  using this simple principle of pressure to clear the obstructions in the toilet. During the cleaning process, you are not scared of dirt or bad smell, no dirty hands, no smell of nausea, with our simple sewer drain cleaner no residual glue after use, and a good assistant at home!


  1.  First wipe the toilet around with a dry cloth. If there is moisture, use a hair dryer to dry it if you have it, and if not, just make sure the toilet seat is dry and free of moisture before using the sewer drain cleaner 
  2. Tear the sewer drain cleaner adhesive layer protective paper, affixed it to the top of the toilet, and then wipe hard to make the adhesive layer and the toilet fully affixed to prevent air leakage, getting ready for the sewer cleaning process. 
  3. Press the toilet water outlet button. At this time, because the toilet is in a blocked state, the air in the toilet increases. Therefore, the middle of the BOOM/sewer drain cleaner dredge film will be raised.
  4. Press the water button to place the water (shown in image and video) in the demonstration location. If the water level is not enough, slowly press the flush button until it reaches the water level! (Note that the water must not come out.)
  1. Press down with both hands. If the toilet does not pass, you can press BOOM to clear the stickers repeatedly with both hands until the toilet is clear. After the dredge, tear the stickers off with both hands.


  1. Before using BOOM/sewer drain cleaner to clear, check your toilet blockage. If it is caused by a hard object, please remove and use this product first.

  2. Before using this main line cleaner, be sure to clean the edge of the toilet is dry. Otherwise, there may be a phenomenon of air leakage during sparse passage.
  3. After sticking the sewer/main line cleaner dredge film, be sure to press tightly around the circumference, and then press the flush key. 
  4. After flushing, the middle part will be raised, and the hands will be pressed downwards forcefully. Repeatedly if not once. After flushing the water several times, the tank water needs to be flushed after the water is full, otherwise the air pressure will not affect the dredge effect.
This product is suitable for unblocking soft plugs, such as human waste, paper towels, sanitary napkins, and film plastic bags.

Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked
Quantity: 6 pcs/lot

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