The Valentine's Day Treat For A Loved One

The Valentine's Day Treat For A Loved One

By : Priscilla 

It's one thing to fall in love, it's another thing to stay in love. Give Him or Her The Best Treat and Stay I Love

Love happens in the most unusual and awkward way  to the most unexpected people most of the time. People fall in and out of love every now and then, couples walk down the aisle , pastors join in holy matrimony often.

Love is a cycle that cannot end, it goes on and on . A lot of people have met their lovers and a lot of people will still meet their partners.

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 With all of the chaos and troubles of the world, love is something that does definitely happen!

To some love is a resting and hiding place from all worries and anxieties, to some others it's a war zone and and a no go area.

Love stories are shared every passing moment, people fall in and out of love for each other. A romantic atmosphere makes one wish for love to happen.

 Sadly, not everybody is destined to be in love, contrary to this belief is the love month known to be the second month of the year February on the fourteenth day when each and every lover openly confesses and gushes on the amount of love they have for each other.

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 Love and lovers are seen everyday, but valentine is a special season celebrated every February on the fourteenth day by lovers, friends and family.

A feeling that ignites a forever and unending union is what everybody knows, far beyond that is the encouragement, sad times, struggles, disappointment, endurance, cooperation and commitment that comes with all of that.

The  fourteenth day of the second month of every year (February) is tagged the lovers month known to every body as VALENTINE'S DAY.

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A time where new love ignites, old ones  rekindled, almost ending ones are re-ignited and a whole lot of other ones just trying to stand the test of time.  

In history,  the Roman Catholic members in 18 A.D.  commonly only celebrated  St. Valentine, he was a saint who was believed to have been martyred after been mailed and put into prison in the history books while fighting for the love and propagation of Christianity.


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For this cause, the people celebrated the day he was killed as an honor and remembrance of his good deed even after his death. He was described to be such a lovable person and taught so much about love and giving.

Hence, the gifting and love associated with Valentine's day. Giving of gifts is something that shows an act of love towards another person.


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Valentine is with the theme of love.

A Valentine's day is not complete without it's treat, most lovers tend to get each other gifts to show appreciation, reconcile with one another and or to just still remind one another the reason for the season.

Valentine's day isn't just any day, people find love and friendship in the same people or different people on Valentine's day. People find trust and togetherness in the season of love.

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Valentine's treat most at times comes in heart shaped materials to show the love and romance of the season.

Valentine's gift and treat are treated specially by vendors and must include gifts engraved in an heart or just a gift made in heart shape.


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Gift vendors tend to come out with a lot of creative ideas to "wow" both recipient and the sender. A popular saying goes that a good gift is the way to a kind heart.

Valentine treat ideas can come in any form so far it's from a loving heart and that's all that matters. The love and reason for the season is an idea that is always contained in each gift item and vendors try as much as possible not to miss.

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Valentine is not only celebrated by lovers but also friends,family and even colleagues. It's a season of love. A simple gift from a colleague at work to say - I appreciate you and your hard work. Or from a boss to staff members to say - Thanks for job welding and look forward to more wins with you. Valentine is a perfect time and moment to appreciate one another and tell one another how deeply one feels towards another.


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Valentine treat ideas could include an heart shaped cookie baked with loved and packed in a heart shaped red box with a note as simple as ; "Thanks for loving me"- beautifully tied to ribbon.

Some people value giving as much as some other people appreciate receiving gifts.

Giving is a selfless act that has been in existence even before a whole of us were given birth to.

Giving of gifts is a popular love language, lovers have grown to understand each partners language. Giving of gifts is a significant love language that has helped lovers understand one another over the years.

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Valentine gift ideas could be food, cookie, candy, clothing materials, beauty items and a lot more.

Stores and vendors with different creative ideas are often contracted with the sole purpose of making and surprising spouses, friends and family on Valentine's day.

Lovers treat each other on Valentine's day, some even go for getaways to celebrate one another and appreciate each others effort.


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The getaways may include reservation in Paris (the love city), dinner reservations in a very fancy restaurant with romantic atmosphere.

Some other lovers, friends and even family decide to treat each other to special meals cooked with love, decide to get engaged to that special one on Valentine's day.


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Valentine's day treat is something some lovers look forward to which keeps their mind racing, fingers crossed with lot of high hopes and expectations.

Usually, some other couples or lovers so to say, celebrate each other everyday but Valentine's day treat has always been a special day in history.

 Lovers across the globe observe  Valentine's day every year which has continually been a day every lover,friends, to-be lovers, colleague and family look forward to.

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Valentine's day treat is very important as lovers do remarkable and wonderful things on Valentine's day .


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