Unforgettable Christmas Memories For Your Kids

Unforgettable Christmas Memories For Your Kids

Are you worried about this Christmas season treats for your kids with a series of these lockdown laws, no worries, MEET SANTA FROM HOME is here to make the Christmas memories 

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The Christmas Memories Your Kids will never Forget
For families everywhere, an annual visit with Santa Claus is a cherished Christmas tradition. This holiday season is clouded by uncertainty, but that doesn't mean your children won’t have an opportunity to see Santa this year. We’re here to make sure they do!

The Santa Experience in History
Visiting with Santa Claus is one of the most enchanting experiences for a child. This year it is difficult for many children to meet with Santa in person. However the team of MEET SANTA FROM HOME Are helping provide a magical experience from the comfort of your home

Make this a Christmas They’ll Never Forget
We know parents need to make some tough choices this Holiday Season. While there’s nothing quite like the sparkle that appears in a child’s eyes when they meet Santa face-to-face, the annual trip to the mall might not be possible for your family this year. But keeping everyone safe doesn’t have to mean skipping the moments that make Christmas magical.

How a Zoom Call with Santa Works.
In the comfort and intimacy of your own home, a virtual visit with Santa will allow your family to preserve this cherished tradition without having to navigate a crowded mall. WeMetSanta is easy to use from anywhere in the world! It’s safe & secure and works from any device with an internet connection. No traffic, no lines, no stress, and no app required.

We know Christmas won’t be the same this year. But the Holiday Season can still be magical.Our Zoom visits with Santa were born out of a simple but sincere desire. To help families create cherished memories for their children, regardless of the uncertainty that's upended our lives this year.

The last several months have been tough for all of us, but especially frightening for our little ones. A Zoom visit with Santa allows you to continue this treasured family tradition while maintaining your child’s innocence, inspiring their imagination, and ensuring they don’t grow up too soon.

Just an Intimate Conversation with Santa in the Comfort of Home.
Broadcast Live from the North Pole. This is An Experience Guaranteed to Captivate



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