How To Make a Fluffy Cost Effective Magical Cloud Light

Cloud light DIY PROJECTS

Have you ever dream of making a DIY Cloud light or cloud lamp to decorate your kids room or make an unforgettable baby shower scene for the new baby and the new mother and father at little or no cost ?

You are about to discover how to  make your dream of making a beautiful cloud light with little budget, this diy project is a fun project that will take only a few hours of your time depending on the number of cloud you want to design.

At the completion of this cloud lamp just changing the lighting will change the atmosphere of the room. With this unique lighting, your usual room becomes a different space with an ambient of the cloudy scenery. If you turn on a lamp with a fluffy outline, soft light and shadow will create a fantastic space. Is this a cloud? Or a galaxy? The idea of ​​the interior seems to spread.


  1. Decorative lanterns              $31.95(20 PACK DIFF. SIZES)
  2. LED string light                     $19.95(10M WITH REMOTE)
  3. Pillow Stuffing                       $55.65(400G + 300G FREE)
  4. Hot Glue gun                         $30.95(1 SET + GLUE STICK)
  5. Hot glue stick                         $9.95  (10 PIECES) OPTIONAL
  6. Fluorocarbon  Fishing line     $10.95

TOTAL COST $159.94


The decorative lantern will be as the base for the moon light cloud, these decorative lanterns comes in different sizes ranging from 4 inch to 15 inch depending on your choice of sizes. Apart from the cloud light the decorative lanterns are handy decorating materials the Chinese paper lanterns are perfect to hang as Halloween decoration, wedding decorations, party decor or for any special event! Choose the right Chinese paper lanterns that suits your celebration for the perfect, eye-catching pop. For the purpose of this cloud light project, you’ll need the Chinese paper lantern, we have two types of these Chinese paper lanterns in the store, the 20 pack of different sizes which is the recommended and the 5 pack which is also recommended for low cost budge 


  • PREMIUM QUALITY : Our decorative lanterns are made with quality metal frame and Eco-friendly paper. You will fully appreciate the amazing craftsmanship when they arrive.
  • REUSABLE DESIGN : Alongside the delivery of the Chinese paper lanterns a sheet of instructions is included. The paper lantern lights are easy to install, fold and safely stored away for next time use. Couldn't be more convenient!
  • PARTY STARS : Trust us! These white paper lanterns will instantly set your party apart from the others. The paper lantern lights are perfect decorations for weddings, birthday parties, or any other special events.
  • GUARANTEED : day2daygadgets is proud to have you as our customer. If your purchase is unsatisfactory in any way, you are covered with our FAST free replacement guarantee! Feel free to contact us!
  • SPECIFICATIONS : 20 decorative lanterns per pack and instruction paper per PP bag; each size of the decorative lanterns have 4 pcs, 12” 10”, 8”6” and 14, total 20 pcs.

    The beauty of the cloud light project is the sparkling light effect at night we have various types of led strip light in the store that you can choose from, such as the wireless or battery power led light, the Led Outdoor Christmas Light (recommended) cos you have a wider range of options in length and color lighting 

    Apart from being a perfect use for the cloud light project  it also help to add some personal flair to your home with the led outdoor Christmas light, The led outdoor Christmas light also helps you to illuminate your treasure moment that is in the picture, not only led outdoor Christmas light perfect for Christmas decoration it's also perfect for photo clipping 

    Also perfect for garden fairy lights which helps decorate your garden, porch, living room,bedroom, even the party with the string lights to add a beautiful glow to your life. Beyond in house decoration, it can be used in special occasions like Valentine's Day, banquet, propose, wedding displaying your photo. The led light comes with 2 years warranty with up to 10 M long led lighting 


      For the cloud light project, you’ll need an average of 700g of the pillow stuffing for a perfect 5 pieces cloud light, when you order for all the materials we give 300g of the pillow stuffing for free.

      4. HOT GLUE GUN

      The hot glue gun is an indispensable tools not only for the cloud light projects but also for lovers of arts and crafts projects performing DIY home repairs and home decoration, to create a beautiful spaces, you must have the correct tools. This mini handy hot glue gun is the perfect tool to tackle both your professional/mini and small decorating projects.


      • FAST HEATING & STABLE MELT GLUE : The fast heating and the ability to stabilize melt glue distinguish our hot glue gun from others, as the latest PTC heating system is use to quickly melt the Glue Sticks. hot melt glue gun can keep your creativity uninterrupted.
      • PROPORTION DISCHARGE OF MELT GLUE :  The trigger of the hot glue gun is in propulsion, you can have a well control of the glue flow, helping you save a lot of hot glue sticks. With superior copper nozzle and ABS engineering plastics the hot glue gun will not be deformed even after long-term use Under high temperature.
      • ERGONOMIC DESIGN : The hot glue gun is ergonomically design and the right size makes it easy to operate. The hot glue gun full-size hot melt glue gun has built-in safety features and fuses to prevent overheating and make it extremely safe to use.
      • COST EFFECTIVE: with the promise of commitment to make life easy for our customers we provide a wide range of variant you can choose from according to your needs.


      We recommend you get the hot glue set as the hot glue stick comes together with the package cos it’s cost effective 


        From the name, this is use by fishermen, however it’s one of the important materials needed for our cloud light project cos of the strength and durability when subjected to heavy load 


        STEP 1:

        Assemble and arrange decorative lanterns. Whichever way you want to  arrange the decorative lanterns either straight, or zigzag and non-uniform, depending on how you want the final cloud light project to look like as this is the framework.  

        STEP 2:

        When you’ve decided and gotten the desire pattern/shape you want your final cloud light to look like, you glue the decorative lanterns together with the hot glue from the hot glue gun to maintain your pre-desired patterns/shape

        STEP 3 :

        After the decorative lanterns has been successfully glued together use the small knife in the hot glue gun set to make a hole in each decorative lanterns to pass the LED light. We recommend a longer led string light 10M for 5 pieces of medium size decorative lanterns, don’t forget to allow the end part of the string light light outside for plugging to power source. 

        STEP 4 : 

        At this stage, you start gluing the pillow stuffing to the decorative lanterns surface using the hot glue from the hot glue gun apply glue on the surface of the decorative lanterns, and then gently press the pillow stuffing onto it. Continue this process until the decorative lanterns are hidden behind the pillow stuffing or until you get your desired cloud like fluffiness.

        STEP 5 :

        After the completion of gluing the pillow stuffing to the surface of the decorative lanterns, you’re 95% at the completion of the cloud light project, you hang the cloud light with the fluorocarbon fishing line to a desired location in your living room perfect to hang in the children's room, hang from the ceiling and switch on! The “cloud lamp” in the dark is now complete!


        PERFECT !!!

        Nothing more satisfactory than completing a DIY craft work the cloud light is Perfect for night lamps and party decorations! Because it is easy to make, it is recommended as a work for children with supervision 

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